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Ecology environment

We source raw materials and production by selecting environmentally friendly suppliers and growers.

Customer success

We ensure that our customers are always the first beneficiaries of our cooperation.

Social welfare

We actively participate in social welfare activities and follow the principle of fair competition.

Why choose us?

  • Product Quality
  • 90%
  • Price Advantage
  • 85%
  • Project Progress
  • 95%
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • 80%
  • Increase in Profits
  • 75%

We can launch the products that best meet the needs of our customers.

We have multiple planting sites in different parts of China and there are several cooperative factories near the base. We know exactly what our customers care about. We provide solutions and innovations for nearly 20 industries in more than 40 countries, including food and beverages. All of our food ingredients meet stringent quality and food safety standards. Exceeding industry standards for purity and cleanliness. Our food ingredients have passed the US Department of Agriculture Organic Certification (NOP).

Our company is committed to supporting initiatives aimed at developing sustainable agriculture. We believe that we can play a key role with our stakeholders, whether they are farmers, suppliers, customers, consumers, employees, community members or shareholders.

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470 Ton

Sales weight

Our export of fruit and vegetable flour grows by two percentage points per year.


Customer service

As of the previous year, we have worked perfectly with 378 commercial customers.


Sales country

We provide quality services to our partners from 65 countries and regions!

Spray drying is commonly used to remove moisture from the feedstock. In addition, we also have hot air drying, freeze drying and other processes, please consult us for more details!

Spray drying flow chart

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